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10 Foods That Can Miraculously Heal Nerve Damage

10 Foods That Can Miraculously Heal Nerve Damage

Nerve Damage

Leafy green veggies improve nerve functionality plus it's a hero for those trying to keep their blood sugar levels.

Caviar is like a nutritional Treasure Chest it is chock full of omega-3 fatty acids and iron Omega-3s are critical to your nerve Health

Potassium and magnesium are your nerves' best friend and guess what pumpkin seeds are brimming with these vital elements

Ginger's anti and inflammatory prowess can work wonders in easing the pain that comes hand-in-hand with damaged nerves 

Turmeric powder is curcumin an antioxidant-rich compound it's this magical component that enables turmeric to act as a soothing bomb for damaged nerves

Walnuts impressive stash of antioxidants that wage war against inflammation and you've got a potent Ally against nerve damage

Quinoa is brimming with potassium why is this significant because potassium is the grand conductor of your body's Symphony orchestrating that dealing with damaged nerves

Chamomile  sleeve essential oil a few drops massage gently can offer a world of relief from neuropathic pain

Fruits are like Nature's multivitamins packed with an abundance of antioxidants that have a knack for taming inflammation these nutrients play a starring role in nursing your damaged nerves

Liquid works its healing Magic on your nerves after all where there's water there's life and healing

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