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In winter, due to the corona-virus, concern for health increases even more. And if you are a patient of sugar, then your health needs special attention. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help people with diabetes manage their condition and reduce their risk of health-related complications. It can also influence how well they feel and how much energy they have each day. Let’s know how to Take care of diabetes.

Keep the eating interval short for the care of diabetes

care of diabetes

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Diabetes patients should eat or drink something at regular intervals, due to which the glucose level of the body remains correct. Check your glucose level once or twice a day. If the level is less than the standard, then instead of consuming more calories simultaneously, eat something for two to three hours.

choose protein carefully


Eat pulses rich in protein, but you can complete the deficiency of protein in the body by dairy products like curd cheese milk, etc. Eating fried food can harm health, so use kama oil while preparing food. Eat cooked food on fruit or steam. Low Fat Beet Pudding Baked Potatoes Low-Calorie Drinks such as Lassi Lemonade can be taken with green tea.

If we eat light food, it is seasonal and nutritious. So we can help to keep our body away from various kinds of troubles during this period. It is also easy to digest, change the food pattern according to your health condition. Change your eating patterns with the advice of a dietician or doctor for good care of diabetes.

make friends with carbohydrates to take care of diabetes


Sweet potato is an excellent source of carbohydrates. You can bake it, eat it, or eat it in boil or it is beneficial. It is delicious and healthy in every way. People suffering from diabetes can make dosa or puri by mixing it with buckwheat flour chestnut flour or can make a dish by mixing it with cucumbers and tomatoes.

Adopt the right methods of eating potatoes

Potatoes are definitely included in the fasting diet. But people with diabetes should not fry potatoes or eat them as vegetables. They can eat puri or chapati with curd or eat salad instead of bread. It will be a complete and healthy diet and you won’t even need bread.

Take stress seriously in diabetes

If you are stressed, it is easy to neglect your normal diabetes care routine. To manage your stress, set boundaries. Make your tasks a priority. Learn relaxation techniques.

Get more sleep And in particular, be positive. Diabetes care is under your control. If you are ready to try your part, diabetes will not change the path to a healthy, healthy life.

Experts Tips

Now children will be monitored through the app.

Children have been imprisoned in the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the parents to use the children’s energy in the right direction. In view of this, Yale University (America) is starting an online painting course amid the epidemic. Through this online course, the university will provide programs to parents keeping children in mind. This online course is called Everyday Parenting. The university has launched the Coursera app for this parenting course. This includes classes, videos, studies, and quizzes. The university claims that after doing this, parents will feel a practical and natural change in their children as well as themselves. Along with this, they will also be taught to control their teenage children.