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Budgeting for the house has never been an easy task, but in the kind of environment that has been going on for the last few months, it has become especially important to keep an eye on your money. In today’s time, the sudden decrease in monthly income is a big challenge for all of us, in such a situation, pay attention to your expenses and make the right budget.

Reduce unnecessary expenses for saving money.


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Eliminate all the expenses that you don’t really need, such as if you’re paying for three different video streaming platforms, use one, which you use the most, and the other two Leave it. Spend on those things, which are very important. Also see if there is such a thing, for which you are paying every month and you do not need them so much these days. If there are two or three cable connections in the house, keep only one of them, and remove the rest. 011-33447788

Homemade food is healthy.

home made

Although the restaurants were not open during the lockdown, now the food items around them are available. Restaurants have opened and their home delivery has also started. But during the lockdown, continue the habit of eating healthy food at home. Make and eat special dishes at home, because before this round a huge amount used to go to outside catering every month. That way, that money can be saved comfortably.

Do not rush in investment

Almost every day, investment companies are trying to create customers through new emails, messages, and phone calls. You will also be getting offers for taking loans from many places. But instead of falling into the temptation of loan, the need is that you spend your limited income invested in such a way that you can secure your future. It is better to have a mixed investment plan. Like with fixed deposits, you can think of investing a little bit in the stock market as well. But before taking any plan, take full information about it.


Middle-class people should not invest large amounts in one place. Especially those funds which are directly related to the market. It would be appropriate to reduce the investment in it and pay attention to the monthly savings plan.

Avoid any investment that is uncertain in the market as small investments have emerged as an option during coronavirus

Avoid all the temptations like investing 2 times in a short time.

Small money savings are good


Saving small will prepare a strong ground for the future. Those who have come limited can invest in a monthly savings plan. You should also make a limited amount such as 5 or ₹ 3000 recurring deposits for one or five years. This will not only give you financial security for the next 5 years but also after 1 year. It will also be very helpful to have medical insurance. And the additional burden of expenses will not come on your accumulated capital.

Experts Tips

More salt means an invitation to diseases.

Do you add more salt to your food or less? If you are eating more salt, then be aware, because eating too much salt weakens the immunity of the body. According to this study by researchers from the University Hospital of Baan, Germany, eating too much salt negatively affects the body’s ability to fight bacterial infections. According to the World Health Organization, we should not consume more than a teaspoon of salt in a day. According to researchers, eating too much salt weakens a major part of the body’s immune system. The report of this study has been published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.