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Obesity in children 10 leading causes of weight gain.

“The problem of obesity in children is increasing continuously. Being overweight is not worrying or feeling embarrassed at a young age, but it is important to be careful about health. Efforts made at the right time can save many big problems ahead. Telling our consultants.”

Obesity in children
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Fast-paced lifestyles and irregular eating habits have increased the risk of many diseases like high blood pressure, stress, sugar, and heart-related problems. Obesity is also one of these problems, whose presence is visible in people of all age groups. Significantly, increasing weight in children increases the risk of many diseases in them.

According to statistics, obesity in children is highest in China, and India comes second. More than 15 million children in India are overweight, and this number is increasing rapidly. In America, about a third of children are overweight or obese. According to the Indian Medical Association, obesity grows more in children than adults, affecting adolescents’ physical and mental health.

Understand the Obesity BMI Index

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It is not that all children with heavy bodies are suffering from obesity. Actually, we all have a different physical appearance. Despite being of the same age, some children are thin, while some are heavy. The structure of their bones is different from each other. But children go through different stages of development till they are fully engaged, due to which fat keeps on accumulating on different parts of their body.

In many children, it becomes balanced as they grow up. This has an effect on their stature. Therefore, it is not possible to estimate obesity just by looking at it. Experts find out the problem of obesity or overweight by measuring the body mass index. BMI is measured according to the age, gender, weight, and height of the child. If a child’s BMI is 85 to 95 more than the age group of his age, he is considered to be obese. In some special cases, a blood test can also be done.

It is important to identify the reason for weight gain.

Consumption of more junk food, negligible physical labor, and being busy on a computer or mobile all day are the main causes of obesity. According to a report by the US Department of Health and Human Services, about 32% of teenage girls and about 52% of teenage boys drink up to 1 liter of cold drinks daily. Some other reasons are also as follows

Unbalanced diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

Fast foods like pizza and chips are a storehouse of saturated fat, which contains high amounts of fat and salt. Similarly, beverages like cold drinks and canned juices contain high amounts of sugar. Consuming such things for a long time increases obesity. Sitting all day without doing physical work also increases the problem of obesity.

genetic reason.

If there is a history of obesity in the parents or family of the child, then the child is more likely to be overweight. Due to genetic reasons, the fat consumed in the form of food gets deposited in the body and gradually turns into obesity. If the height of the parents is heavy, then the child is also likely to be overweight.

 social and economic reasons.

Healthy and nutritious food are more important because of eating less or dieting to maintain a balanced weight. There is a general belief that eating less food leads to weight loss. Whereas the truth is that eating more canned or frozen food for a long time due to fresh food and lack of interest in exercise and exercise can also increase obesity. psychological reasons.

If the parents are often under stress or the home environment is not pleasant, then it directly affects the mental health of the children. In such an environment, his development starts getting affected and he becomes a victim of loneliness. The absence of any emotional support increases the tension within them and they start looking for comfort in food. Feeling hungry all the time, eating more sweets and fried things are its special symptoms.

lack of information.

In most cases, lack of complete nutrition information spoils health. Due to not being aware of the things written on the food level, we keep buying and eating things only on the basis of advertisement. As a result, children start falling prey to obesity because of being healthy. It is important to have knowledge of salt, sugar, fat, and other substances written on the items.

Obesity-related problems.

Increasing weight also increases the risk of many diseases, which can take serious forms with age.

 type two diabetes

This type of diabetes is more common in obese children. In this, the body system of children is not able to fully utilize the glucose present in their body, which if not treated in time increases the risk of diseases of the eyes and kidneys as well as affecting the nervous system.

respiratory problems

According to a report in the Journal of Asthma Research and Practice, about 38% of the total asthma sufferers in America are obese. It is a respiratory disease, in which the passage of the airways gets blocked. This problem can be aggravated due to obesity.

sleep apnea

Babies who are overweight start accumulating extra fat around the neck, due to which the neck becomes thick, in such a way that they have difficulty in breathing while sleeping, which leads to sleeplessness. There is also the problem of snoring in it.

high blood pressure

Cholesterol in the body gradually increases due to an unbalanced diet, due to which the plaque starts to accumulate on the arteries, which can cause the problem of high blood pressure. If this condition persists for a long time, then the arteries become hard and narrow, and the risk of heart attack or stroke increases in the future.

lack of confidence

Obesity affects the mental health of children along with increasing physical problems. Especially in adolescents, its bad consequences are seen more. Making fun of being overweight among friends, and teasing relatives, not being able to wear the desired clothes, not being attractive and not being able to freely participate in their favorite activities like sports or dance, bring a sense of inferiority and depression in them.

Joint pain

Excess weight damages the joints of the body. At a young age, the problem of back pain surrounds by pain in the hips, knees, and joints. Even a fall or a minor injury can result in a bone fracture.

non-alcoholic fatty liver

In this disease, no symptoms are visible from outside, but gradually fat starts accumulating on the liver, which can cause problems in the form of scars or liver damage when it grows up.

Follow this remedy to reduce obesity
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1- Motivate children to eat more and more fresh home-cooked food.

 2- Explain the importance of portion size to them and instead of taking other servings, ask them to eat salad in large quantities.

3- Instead of giving canned cornflakes, bread, or biscuits in breakfast, eat things like porridge, poha, and idli.

4- Include lentils, cheese, soybeans, eggs, chicken, and fish in their diet especially, because due to the high amount of protein, these foods do not allow hunger for a long time.

5- Make rules about screen time and motivate them to play in the park for some time in the evening.

6- Give cold drink instead of canned juice to drink homemade syrup and shikanji.

7- Explain the disadvantages of dieting especially for adolescents and tell about the merits of healthy eating.

8- If you feel hungry, instead of market snacks, give breakfast of homemade bhel, roasted peanuts, dry mango, and chakli.

9- Use honey or jaggery instead of refined sugar.

10- Do meal planning for children in such a way that they get all the nutrients in sufficient quantity.

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