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mediDo you know that when we live with awareness in our day, then we have more clarity, peace, and good health? But without peace of mind training the mind, you cannot stay in the present moment for much of the time. Our experts are telling you how to bring it to the present moment. for peace of mind

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Pay attention to the thoughts that come to mind.

peace of mind

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Remember that every thought of yours is creating an effect in your body, so be aware of the thoughts going on in the mind. Pay attention to what is going on in your mind in the present moment. When you become aware of what you are thinking, you start picking healthy thoughts on your own.

Focusing the mind on the present.

While playing the game, notice your fingers or watch television or read the position of your feet on the floor while reading a book, during this time you can also gradually focus your physical sensation upwards. This will stop your mind from worrying about the future, it will do more analysis of what happened in the past. Then you will find yourself climbing the present. In this way, focus on your feet while walking and become aware of each step you will take. By doing this for a few days, you will start to feel that there is a sense of peace of mind within you.

Take a moment to meditate


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If you are not used to meditation, then meditate for a short time. Close your eyes and sit comfortably and keep your body stable and look at the thoughts in your mind. If you feel distracted, then focus your attention on your breath, and then continue for 5 minutes. It will be difficult to sit in the beginning, but soon you will be able to sit for a long time.

peace of mind.

Focus on breath

A great way to calm yourself is to pay attention to the rhythm of the breath. Especially when you are under stress. Inhale slowly, exhale slowly, and then relax. If you are new in this process, then count each breath every time you breathe or leave. This will help you to concentrate. It will not let you get distracted

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Do all the work diligently

You are cleaning, cooking, this is the right time to bring yourself to the present moment. Try to focus on the task itself. By doing this you will experience peace. A great way to practice and be interested in mindfulness is to read about it. So read about how to live more in the present. This will make your mind more open to practicing these principles in the routine.

Eliminate germs in coronavirus
  • As the risk of coronavirus infection is increasing, additional preparation is also needed to fight it. To eradicate germs from your house, clean every day especially those parts of the house which are repeatedly touched. Such as door handle table, remote chair upper, etc.
  • For cleaning, first, remove the accumulated dust – soil and then clean it with lukewarm water and soap solution.
  • Use germicidal spray available in the market to completely eliminate germs. Choose sprays that claim to eliminate 99. 9 percent of germs. You can also use these disinfectant solutions by mixing it in your water.
  • Also, take care of your safety when using germicide spray. Spray them by wearing gloves and applying a mask.

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