How to remove acne

5 powerful tips to remove Acne scars with natural remedies?

Hello, my name is dr. Dr. Chetali Samant, I am an ayurvedic physician, a yoga expert, and a diet and lifestyle consultant. I practice at two places in Bangalore one is Ayush central Maheshwara every day of the week except for Wednesday and Sunday and I also practice at urban wellness at also Road every Wednesday morning.

natural remedies? – Dr. Chetali Samant

Natural remedies to remove acne scars.

Acne which is one of the most common problems faced by teenagers and Even by people who are in their thirties or forties or the early twenties can be treated very successfully by natural home remedies. if you know the cause behind your acne persistent acne and if you are undergoing treatment for it natural remedies can definitely help you to remove the scars of the older Acne.

Why don’t scars fade away from the skin?

For some people, you might have seen that they fade away really fast but for some people, it takes really a long long time For the Acne scars to fade away. there could be two reasons for it.

one your acne or cystic acne which aren’t really deep into your skin and create scar tissue in the deeper layers of your skin or

two it may be because your diet is a very unhealthy or a person is not including healthy foods which help to have a better turnover of skin cells and remove the Acne scars faster. the commonest reason that I have seen in practice why scars don’t fade away is When a person does not include enough greens, enough fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits in their diet and when their water intake is really low.

The first rule for removing your acne scars by natural remedies at home.

So the first rule for removing your acne scars with natural remedies at home is to improve your diet. start including fresh greens in your diet suppose you are not able to eat fresh greens at home or you don’t spend that matter that much time in the kitchen to be able to eat vegetables along with your food try and include Juiced vegetables in your diet say early morning.

the first thing in the morning you can include carrots, beetroot, fresh coriander, and a fresh bottle of gourd juice into one glass along with a little squeeze of lemon and nary a little pinch of Himalayan pink salt which is extremely effective it has 85 minerals it’s extremely good and healthy for the skin have a glass of juice vegetables first thing in the morning.

Use a good dose of vitamins.

let now a dose of vitamin A and Several good vitamins that is going in your body will help the skin have better health it’ll turn over the skin cells faster and give you a glow from within and fade away the scars naturally.

lemon juice had very frequently throughout the day also helps in reducing scarring of the skin and even if you keep getting acne the scars will really disappear very fast. if your Sun care routine is we’re not very good that also can cause very deep and very dark scars on your Face so make sure that when you head out in the Sun if you have acne-prone skin use a water-based good quality organic sunscreen for 20 minutes before exposure to Sun and that also will help you keep the scars very light.

Recommend third thing which everybody doesn’t know.

The third thing I would recommend is not everybody knows applying a tomato juice, papaya juice, or juice lemon on the skin so all these things have vitamin C and natural acids which have been failing away the scars but do remember That a single application may not suffice and you might have to do this again and again so I would say again lemon juice, tomato juice, papaya juice, they have several enzymes also which have to make the skin tighter and younger-looking. so do use them regularly

Apply lactic acid every night to remove acne.

The Fourth thing you can use is applying called two-faced called lactic acid as we all know and lactic acid helps to reduce the tan on the face as well as it helps to reduce stubborn scars on the face so Apply every night or every alternate day at least helps in reduce scarring of skin when you have acne-prone skin.

Diet to remove acne.

reducing acne scars after you have acne is a very I would say as you know better than that will be an approach to reduce the occurrence of acne in the first place have a good diet drink plenty of water use plenty of fresh fruits in your diet try and eat fruits in between two meals at least twice daily this itself helps To have bread better purification of skin good healthy levels of vitamin in the blood and reduces acne.

have a good amount of vegetables and greens in your diet drink plenty of water use a glass of lemon juice every other day or every single day like you know be the person who takes a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice every day first thing in the morning and you are all set to have good skin acne which Is you know you can reduce acne permanently from your skin

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