Gaming is linked to mental health. 4 interesting facts about how gaming is having a positive effect on mental health.

If you want to reduce fatigue or avoid stress, it is generally advised to adopt creative activities like painting or pottery. But, now include the name of gaming in it as well. Statistics say that there has been a tremendous boom in amateur gaming during the lockdown. So, our consultants are taking you through this good aspect of gaming.

How gaming reduces stress

Gaming is linked to mental health. 4 interesting facts about how gaming is having a positive effect on mental health. 5

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During a Zoom call, some friends talked about who has crossed the levels of a popular mobile game. One thing came out in it that everyone had got used to some game in the last few months. At the same time, one of them said that playing video games refreshes his mind, and useless thoughts do not come to his mind. This aspect of mobile or video games is rarely discussed that video gaming can do anyone good. But, during the lockdown, many people found comfort in this shelter.

According to recent research, playing mobile/video games is a good way to reduce stress. That is because while playing video games, the happy hormone called dopamine starts forming rapidly in our brain. In this way, gaming also helps to stay positive in the atmosphere of stress.

Gaming has the same effect as meditation and yoga.

There is an effect like meditation and yoga. While playing the game, the player puts his full concentration on winning that game. That’s why experts also see it by connecting it with meditation. Because, while meditating, all the senses get focused on one point, and the same happens with gaming. Our brain, thoughts, and attention are only busy winning that game so that no other negative thoughts come to mind.

Playing games gives a feeling of a relationship.

Playing games

IIn online gaming and many gaming apps, as a player, you connect with many new players sitting far and wide, thereby creating a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm to get to know and interact with new people. So, in a way, the problems arising from a social distance are overcome by meeting new older people through this medium.
The founder-director of The Happy Tree De-Addiction and Mental Health Hospital says about this – Actually, while playing games on mobile, the secretion of a chemical called serotonin starts increasing in our brain.

Along with dopamine, this chemical is also considered very important for mental health. But we should also keep in mind that it does not take long to turn the habit of playing games into addiction. For this, it is very important to maintain a balance between physical activities and a balanced diet.

Playing fast games seems to reduce stress levels
girl is setting in mat
reduce stress levels

The center has its preferences regarding video games, but most gamers agree that the faster the game, the better the stress reduction. Various researches also show that such games rapidly increase the level of adrenaline hormone in our body. There is a communication of enthusiasm in the player, and the level of stress starts decreasing. If we talk about the psychological side of gaming, the feeling of victory is always pleasant, even when it is in gaming. Winning in video games also leaves a huge positive impact, especially in moments when real situations don’t control you.

People are resorting to video games to reduce stress.

Last year, when there was tension in the outside world, sitting inside the house and playing mobile and online games became a time pass for people. Regarding the growing popularity of mobile gaming apps, Kewal Kapoor, Creative Strategist and Global Advisors of Fun 2 App says, “Gaming apps have played a very important role in saving stress in Corona times. As a result, many such apps have come into the market, giving the users a dose of light entertainment and an exciting gaming experience.

Well, the trend of playing video games is not new. After the arrival of Android phones, there has been a massive boom in them. Apart from this, cheap internet, affordable smartphones, and gaming apps have seen a tremendous boom in the market during the Corona period. A report by CyberMedia Research suggests that the recent boom in mobile gaming in India is due to amateur players. Because mobile does not require any special setup or other consoles, you can play it anywhere easily.


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