Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention: These 8 precautions a diabetic patient should take.

Diabetes Prevention is very important for people who have Weak immunity and high sugar levels in the blood increase the risk of corona infection in diabetic people. But the danger is not over yet. How diabetic patients should take care of themselves amidst fears of the third wave

Diabetes Prevention
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Millions of people have lost their lives in the last two waves due to the infection of covid-19. especially diabetic

The severity of infection has been seen more in people. If the person has BP or kidney problems along with sugar, then the risk increases even more. Weak immunity and an increase in blood sugar also rapidly increases the infection, which affects other organs. Now that the fear of the third wave of the corona is in full swing, diabetic people will still have to take special care of themselves. According to an estimate, about 12% of the total victims of type 2 diabetes are in India alone.

According to Dr. Vineet Mishra, a physician working in the corona Department of Banaras Hindu University, the last year has been more challenging for diabetes patients than others. In a covid infection, the glucose level in the blood increases rapidly, and the blood starts thickening. That is due to the stress of the infection and the steroid drugs given to Diabetes Prevention. In such a situation, if the level of sugar is also high, then the problem increases.

The infection spreads rapidly and starts reaching other organs. The need for oxygen and ICU is seen more than in diabetic people.

1-Diabetes Prevention Be careful if you have diabetes.

According to Dr. CK Jain, Senior Physician at Sant Parmanand Hospital, it is not necessary that if someone has diabetes, he has to do it. The risk increases for him after being infected with covid compared to others. Both blood pressure and cholesterol start increasing. Cases of severe fungal infections have also been reported in patients in the second wave, the risk of which is also higher in sugar patients. Therefore, Diabetes Prevention needs to pay attention to their routine and proper treatment.

2-don’t hesitate to take medicine

According to Dr. Jain, if the sugar sufferers do not stop taking their medicines under the influence of anything heard. Keep taking medicines for Diabetes Prevention on time, even if now you are suffering from a cold. If corona or similar symptoms are seen, then instead of taking medicine on your own, you should contact the doctor. In the case of corona, it is essential to control sugar. Do not take any medicine, especially steroids, without consulting a doctor. It can prove fatal by suddenly increasing the level of sugar too much.

3-don’t let the water run out

Dehydration is the most common problem in people with diabetes. Due to the increase in the level of sugar in the blood, it also affects the kidneys, and the woman has to urinate frequently, due to this, the amount of water in the body can be reduced, for such a situation, drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, cold at this time. The reason for drinking water, drink lukewarm water; by this, you will be able to keep yourself safe from the danger of corona. To keep yourself hydrated, drink coconut water, lemonade, fresh juice, buttermilk, and a glass of turmeric milk before sleeping at night.

4-be active
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Being physically active is very important for sugar patients for Diabetes Prevention. Avoiding going out of the house, so keep exercising at home. Include things like walking, lifting weights, and jumping rope in the exercise. If you go out for a walk, keep a hot water bottle with you and wear a mask. Do not touch your face, eyes, and nose for as long as outside the house. If you are not going out for a walk and there is no space for a walk at home, then stand in one place and walk like walking on a treadmill, or stand in one place and run with your paws.

Apart from this, climbing stairs is also a good exercise. That will burn calories and control sugar. To stay mentally fit, do yoga, pranayama and meditation. If you have good fitness, then you can practice Surya Namaskar regularly.

5-away from stress

Everyone needs to stay away from stress. Stress also plays an important role in increasing and reducing the level of sugar in the blood. If you are under stress for a long time or start taking the stress of small things, then due to this, not only sugar gets out of control, but blood pressure also increases. The glucose present in your body also does not allow it to be converted into energy, due to which the level of sugar in the blood increases.

Due to this, there is a complaint of body pain, fatigue, and muscle pain, which increases the risk of suffering from the corona. To stay away from stress, listen to your favorite music, read a book, talk to your favorite gardening person.

6-Keep checking sugar at home.

In diabetic patients, the level of sugar in the blood keeps on increasing. A rapid increase in the sugar level in the blood is not right, nor its occurrence during covid 19; if you cannot go to the clean for a regular check-up, then check it at home twice a week. You can do tests easily with the kits available in the market. Keep in mind that the reading that comes in this kit will work 10 points from your sugar level, keep in touch with the doctor regularly and give him the full details of the report.

7-For Diabetes Prevention, you should not eat these things. 

sweet candy, sugar tea, white rice Do not eat bread or biscuits; avoid eating chips and other salty items found in the market. Avoid drinks like canned juices and sodas

8-keep food right.

To nourish the body, include a balanced amount of carbohydrates in the diet, but avoid taking more than one carbohydrate at a time. Include things in your diet that boost immunity
Include a sufficient amount of zinc in the diet. Lean meats, seafood whole grains, legumes, flaxseed, sunflower, pumpkin, soybean seeds, and oatmeal are good sources of zinc. Zinc strengthens the body.

For vitamin C, make sev, amla, lemon-orange tomato, strawberry guava, and litchi a part of your diet; it heals the body’s cells and eliminates unnecessary stress. Vitamin C also proves helpful in preventing infections and allergies.

To keep the body fit, include lentils, spinach, tofu, legumes, kidney beans, black gram, etc., in your diet; they are rich in iron, which also increases immunity.

To meet the deficiency of vitamin A, include carrots, sweet potatoes, papaya, paprika, spinach, and mango in your diet. Vitamin A also has a good effect on immunity.
Do not let there be a deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body; in such a situation, the risk of suffering from any infection increases. To avoid this, include green leafy vegetables, gram lentils, salmon, and tuna fish in your diet.

To meet vitamin E deficiency, include almonds, chicken, seafood, whole grains, seeds and walnuts in the diet, green leafy vegetables, avocado, etc. Vitamin E keeps cells healthy and keeps them away from stress.
Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

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