symptoms of dengue

Dengue fever: Symptoms, prevention, best Diet for Dengue.

Dengue mosquito spreads dengue fever
Dengue Fever

Here’s what you need to know about dengue fever dengue affects about 400 million people annually around the world, and it’s been rising 30 fold in the last 50 years. Thankee is typically not found in the United States, but southern states have been seeing outbreaks in recent years of cases brought in from warmer Luke house dengue is carried by the 80s at time mosquito which isn’t native to the US.

dengue is usually not fatal but can be so painful it’s nicknamed break-bone fever, and it’s Severus Farms it does kill about 22,000 people every year according to the World Health Organization there are no treatments or vaccines, but companies from Santa Fe Merck are working on it and researchers are working hard to keep the mosquito population at bay until then where your bug spray

Symptoms of dengue

Dengue is a flu-like illness spread by the bite of an 80s mosquito infected with the dengue virus. The ADEs mosquito can breed even in a small amount of water accumulated in any container like object severe headache, pain behind the eyes, nausea, and vomiting, high fever with two or more of the following symptoms severe muscle and joint pain, a rash on the skin consult a doctor and do as advised if advised hospital admission do so immediately if advised home-based caretake plenty of fluids nutritious food and paracetamol for fever and pain prevent mosquito breeding and protect against mosquito bites there is no treatment for dengue but dengue can be prevented

prevention of dengue fever

that are available there are no antiviral antibiotic that will help finding a favorite it’s a simple infection which is treated by a water-drinking simply fluids and paracetamol for the fever only when things are complicated and inspecial populations do they need to get admitted in the hospital and be monitored carefully for their platelets blood pressure and other vital parameters lot of queries coming – when do we transfuse platelets according to the national guidelines have to be transfused when their platelets go less than 10000 or if there is any major bleeding from any other source

How can we prevent dengue infections then you can be prevented by simply clearing the waterlogged areas in and around our houses because mosquitoes breathe in stagnant water also to prevent mosquito bites we need to wear full clothes and also use some or somekind of mosquito repellents don’t worry when you have dengue infections get in touch with your infection diseases pecialist and know more about it notall of them require admission and notall of them require platelets

Expert Diet Tips To Manage Dengue

Diet paln for dengue fever
Diet paln for dengue fever

hi I’m Rapala Dutta I’m a clinical nutritionist and today I’m going to speak about dengue in case you get infected by dengue there’s no need to get worried about it food as we all know helps us recover from any infection here also there are certain foods which are better than most and help us a little more to get better faster first of all we have the foods which where there isn’t much scientific evidence.

but some how they seem to work one the first one there is papaya leaves so take three or four papaya leaves squeeze out the juice and use that twice a day Gilderoy juice which is available in the market you can read the instructions on the packaging and goat’s milk which smells horrible but is an excellent antioxidant source is greatanti-in flammatory so if you can stand the smell you can have ports milk as far as we are concerned in the clinical setting when we have patients with dengue we basically advise them to have a lot of fluids because when platelets go down the blood volume is affected

So the first thing we need todo is to replenish the fluid so havelots of neural panty nimbu pani plainwater chars lassi milk fresh juices they also give you nourishment foods that help build up platelets top of the listis folates you get folates from green leafy vegetables you get them from liver of animals you give them from nuts and legumes and all of these also give you proteins

the next important nutrient is iron which you get again from green leafy vegetables legumes go over is one of the richest sources of iron and vitamin c and of course your dry fruits like Angie and mikanos and quiche mesh avitamin C like I said is very essential for absorption of iron vitamin C best sauces are citrus fruits amla and guava one of the richest sources of iron vitamin D you don’t have to many food sources but your egg yolk is a good source of vitamin D the rest of the vegetarians can pick up fortified breakfast cereals which will help them vitamin K is again important

Because it does it hell with a clotting factor which is disturbed because the platelets going down vitamin K is again basically from your green leafy vegetables legumes and your organ meats so take care of yourself nourish yourself well everytime we fall ill we don’t want to eat don’t do that have a lot of fluids and all the best to you

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