8 Daily Skincare Routine for Healthy Skin. be beautiful

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8 Daily Skincare Routine for Healthy Skin. be beautiful 7


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In our growing times today, the importance of physical beauty is increasing. We should also pay attention to our inner beauty as well as external beauty.

So that we can walk step by step with this growing world. Let us know how to maintain a beauty diary throughout the week, then the hair will shine, the skin will be healthy and soft and the face will always feed.

Sunday skincare

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Body oil– Sunday is not only a day of rest, it is also of comfort. Take measures to give comfort to your skin, for this massage or massage with full tan oil, this skin will be protected with an extra layer of moisturizer.

The skin will be recharged with a moisturizer for the entire week. Sesame oil for winter and coconut oil for summer are considered good for massage. Nowadays herbal body oils are also available in the market. The herbs present in them help to relax the muscles. If you want, add a few drops of essential oil to vegetable oil.

If after massaging, then squeeze the towel in hot water and squeeze it on the body. After bathing, take bath only after 1 hour.

Monday Skincare

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Skin toner– Mix equal amounts of lemon, glycerin, and rose water. After the bath, apply on the open limbs for the whole week. This will also improve the skin tone and keep it healthy.

Hair oil– Apply herbal oil to the hair 1 hour before hair wash, and steam it in the hair. If this is not a feature, then dip the towel in warm water and squeeze it for a while, shampoo it. You can also make hair oil at home.

For this, keep a handful of

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fenugreek seeds, a little dry neem and curry leaves, poppy seeds, dry rose leaves in lukewarm coconut oil. You can also make oil by mixing coconut, castor, olive, and mustard used after 1 week.

Tuesday Skincare

Scrub– Prepare Homemade Scrub. You can apply it twice a week. Add turmeric, curd, Multani mitti, sandalwood powder, and orange juice to barley flour. Apply on clean face, wash after 20 minutes.

Moisturizing pack– Clean the face with clearing milk. Mix banana and honey and wash face after 20 minutes. It is a good face pack for dry skin.

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Aloe vera pack– Mix aloe vera and a few drops of the martyr and apply it and wash face after 15 minutes. It is a face pack for normal skin.

Anti pimple pack– Mix a few drops of mint juice, Multani soil, and basil juice. Apply on the face for 15 minutes and wash and apply rose water on the face. This is an oily skin face pack.

Wednesday Skincare

Facial exercise– Not only will the pack work, but you also have to do exercises for the face, so that the cheeks will remain tight and the softness in the skin will be maintained.

Turn face– For this, lift the face up and tilt it backward. Then slowly look down and look to the right-left.

Leave your face and neck loose. Light back and turn the face around. Then came back to its previous position.

Fill the cheeks with air– Open the mouth as much as you can, like you are screaming. Do this two or three times. Fill the right cheek with air and then fill the other cheek with air.

Raise nose– Raise the nose above the index finger, do this three to four times daily.

Thursday Skincare

Fruit and Almond Scrub– Looking at the skin type, select such fruits, which can be used in the scrub. For dry skin, use banana, papaya, and mango. Use oranges, strawberries for normal skin. For oily skin, use apples, oranges. Mash a piece of fruit according to skin type. Add barley flour and curd mixed with almond paste. Finally, mix lemon and honey. Scrub on the face gently rubbing with the face. By the way, you can also mix poppy seeds and almond powder for the scrub. Use it whenever you want.

Moisturizing pack– Carrots and honey, potato juice and honey, apple juice and honey, coconut water and honey, all these packs are meant to provide sufficient moisture to the skin. You can also add two or three drops of basil or mint juice to it. These packs give a lot of freshness. Not only this, it is also effective on the skin affected by the contusion.

Friday Skincare

Anti tanning pack– Mash papaya or strawberry, mix it with egg white and keep it on the setting face for 20 minutes. So that your skin will be healthy and soft

Hair pack– If the hair is blocked and has two mouths, then just apply curd like you apply mehndi with the help of a hairbrush. After 30 minutes wash the hair once with herbal shampoo. And if your hair is oily, then add a little curd and lemon juice to the lentil paste.

Hair conditioner– After shampooing, mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar or apple vinegar in a mug of water. Finally wash the washed hair with this water, in this way you can also do this.

Special hair washes– Boil the powder of dried orange peel in water and filter it and use after shampoo. This brings extra shine to the hair.

Saturday Skincare

pedicures and manicures– In addition to getting pedicures and manicures done from the parlor once a month, take care of your feet every week.

By the end of the week, the condition of hands and feet becomes bad. Clean hands and feet on Saturday evening, so that he will look beautiful all week. For this, you need a cuticle pusher, nail cutter, nail finer, and foot scrubber. Add shampoo and salt in water for a while, soak feet in lukewarm water. Remove the dead skin of the ankles from the foot scrubber.

Push the cuticle from the cuticle pusher. Cut the aggro nails inside the nail skin with a cuticle. File with a nail filer. Add lemon sugar and olive oil to your feet and wash them with lukewarm water and dry them. Mix curd and turmeric and apply it on the feet and hands, and wait for it to dry.

Massage the feet with olive oil and apply nail paint.

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