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5 Common causes of back pain best home remedies and exercise

Causes of back pain

Hello, today I’m gonna be talking about the five common causes of back pain. In this article, I’m gonna be talking about the common causes so you can start identifying what you’re doing throughout the day and becoming more aware of what it is.

NO – 1

Let’s get started with the common causes of back pain number one is when you’re texting, reading, and working on the computer. So when you’re Texting and reading your neck comes down you’re hunting the shoulder pain. A lot of people sit in this position very long time they do computer work like that so a problem here is you’re gonna get the rounded shoulders you will get the neck coming forward.  

you will get that little hunchback posture that’s gonna predominantly cause is some neck Pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain, trigger points in between the shoulder blades all that kind of stuff it’s a very common thing in society today so you should aware of your posture when you’re working on the computer

NO – 2

Let’s move into common cause number two for back pain. and that is hunching over every time you pick something up when you’re picking something up and you’re rounding your spine to pick something up you can see that you’re putting a lot of stress on your spine and on your disks.

A lot of people, even when they go to do yoga or exercise programs, don’t realize that they’re actually doing more harm than good Because they’re just rounding their spines every time whenever you’re bending you should actually try to keep your spine neutral and again hunching over and rounding your spine like that every time you pick something up or every time your lower band is not going to be great for your spine

NO – 3

let’s go into common cause number three for back pain. You get a lower backj when you pick things up. We talked about rounding the back but now we’re talking about almost the opposite effect when let’s say you have a heavy box what you will do what a lot of people do they arch their back instead of using their legs and knees and keeping the spine neutral what they do is they just kind of should they’re there their back.

That yeah so they kind of have spine excessive curve  when they pick something up and if what’s that gonna cost it’s gonna cause lower back pain or you’re gonna get pulled muscle in your lower back so or your hip area as well and so all these muscles here the erector spine and your glutes smacks and medius can also get affected and it’s very easy to pull your back and get lower back pain so again when you’re picking things up to be aware of your posture

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NO – 4

let’s Move on to common cause number four for back pain. which is a lot of overhead type of work when you let’s say you’re nailing something like a construction worker would really relate to that if they’re working like this all day or the picking things up if a lot of your time is spent in this where your arms are going overhead position that can cause a lot of problems both in the upper back

Tight trigger points in your upper trapezius and in your shoulders you might even get shoulder impingement syndrome. but not only that a lot of people arch the back so they also tend to get low back pain, so this one is especially harmful in many different ways so if you are doing a lot of overhead work you need to really be aware of your part you need to give yourself breaks probably need to do a lot of self

NO – 5

common cause number five and the last one for back pain is just general sitting for too long so whenever you’re sitting for too long somebody said recently sitting is the new smoking right which I loved it

Time sitting on our computers we come home we eat dinner in a seated position we go on the couch watching TV in a Flex position we drive from to work and from work in a seated position we sleep sometimes in the fetal position so we’re usually all hunched up and our hip flexors muscles around this area where they get really tight which you know the muscles get tight like this when you’re sitting all day and then what do people most people do because

These muscles are tight they kind of arch to the low back increasing the pain in the low back so there’s and of course when they sit in this kind of posture they also usually hunched over as well so they round their spines which again is not good for your back in terms of bulging discs and hernia discs can come from that from even sitting and your discs also compress on each other

Because of gravity because the way you’re sitting you’re not stretching a lot of times so most people sit in a poor posture which is I guess related to excessive sitting so when you’re sitting you need to be aware of your posture

Back pain and low back pain eventually so these are five common causes for back pain for both upper low back pain that honestly with just a little bit of awareness

Home remedies to remove back pain

Back pain is the world’s leading reason for doctor’s visits as a neurosurgeon I see back pain patients on a daily basis many of them have pain for less than a week these acute back pains are usually due to mechanical back pain.

There is no structural reason for your pain mostly pain is due to sudden abuse of your back maybe lifting a heavy bag or driving a long distance we doctors advise a lot of home remedies for these acute pains there is no need for a doctor visit if the pain lasts for less than 15 days and if the pain is tolerable there are a number of excellent natural remedies to control that back pain

Which can help reduce the intake of medications or avoid a doctor’s visit these remedies are my personal choice some of them are told by my patients you may not get any specific scientific explanation for all of this but they are practiced for centuries and are effective and safe.

hello and welcome friends this is dr Arun knight Science is now understanding the scientific basis of many of these traditional Indian medicinal plants and they are unraveling a whole lot of new entities take a look at these natural pain-relieving remedies

Turmeric milk

Find out what works best for you number one turmeric milk a body undergoes a lot of oxidative stress in its day-to-day functioning of its

Organs these oxidative stresses cause so many diseases including back pain heart attack and cancer a lot of studies are undergoing to understand this oxidative stress and there is a lot of interest in developing naturally occurring antioxidant plant products these antioxidants are potent anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer agents which are passed on From generations as natural immunity boosters consuming these healthy antioxidants on a regular basis may help reduce your back pain turmeric an Indian spice used extensively for 4000 years

It used in Ayurveda for centuries for its anti-arthritic anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties how to include turmeric in your diet mix a small quantity that’s half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk the warm milk activates the curcumin and you can just add a hint of honey if you prefer a sweet taste consume this drink

Regularly to allow the anti-inflammatory process to work around the year a lot of my patients say their back and neck pain subside significantly with long-term use of turmeric this also provides daily calcium requirements for your bone health


number two kokum is a plant in the mangosteen family called. Botanically garcinia indica kokum is used widely in India for its culinary pharmaceutical and industrial uses the processed rind of kokum is used as a spice, especially in the preparation of fish dishes kokum syrup and kokum sherbet that’s a kind of a soft drink are very popular in India the sheath makes a very pleasant

And the refreshing welcome drink is especially popular in the kokum region on the west coast of India kokum syrup is available widely both online and offline it has excellent pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties garcinol is an ingredient of kokum which has powerful anti-cancer properties and a lot of studies have shown this garcinol is also supposed to be

Anti-aging is a good digestant a powerful cholesterol-lowering agent and a potent weight loss agent I advise my patients to have a glass of cool kokum serving along with their breakfast

Green tea

number three is green tea yes if you can’t consume kokum or turmeric I will suggest one commonly available alternative tea, yes world’s favorite beverage is packed with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients like polyphenols that heal the injured disc and spinal joint surfaces early to offer pain relief for chronic back pain tea also contains

caffeine itself is a potent pain killer used in many medications in modern medicine you can also try infused herbal drinks such as ginger green tea
Tulsi tea or masala tea get the healing properties of those herbs and spices which are used for generations in Asia

Back Massage

number four back massage well this is one of the proven therapy for chronic back pain massage relieves those muscle knots and relaxes those sore muscles it increases the blood flow to your backbone ligaments and joints use a heated oil

Such as ginger oil peppermint oil castor oil or almond oil so that the heat soothes the inflamed back joints one word of caution though not all back pains should be addressed with back massage as a neurosurgeon I often see patients landing up in the emergency room straight from the massage parlor with broken backbone consult your doctor

Before undergoing any massage to your back in some spinal conditions massage is dangerous and contraindicated also make sure that the pressure applied to the backbone should be mild to moderate

Right body posture

Number five posture one of the most important factors contributing to pain relief is your back posture whether you are in the office chair driver’s seat or your living room sofa.

Maintain a good natural spinal curvature keep a small lumbar pillow to support your low back if needed maintaining a good posture ensures faster healing of relaxed back muscles and avoids further damage to your spine watch a separate video in my channel regarding the posture for spinal diseases office workers should take 5 minutes to break every 30 minutes of their work

Take a few steps and perform some good office stretches to relieve those tense muscles

Back Exercises

number six back exercises probably the best strategy on my list is these exercises ensure you have a super healthy backbone it releases tense muscles and ligaments and soothes your back

It increases the blood flow to inflamed areas and supplies healing nutrients to those areas that’s why we spine specialists these days advise mild exercises even when you are in pain previously absolute bed rest was the mandate of doctors advising you to take weeks and months of bed rest these days I advise bed rest only for patients suffering

From a major spine, fracture strengthening the backbone is a high-value investment for future back pain patients that takes me to the next point tip

Heat and cold application

Number seven is heat and cold application we all know the healing power of heat and cold in some patients heat works in others cold back works I advise my patients to use it.

Cold packs for severe new back pain and warm packs for old chronic back pain make sure you don’t apply ice directly to your skin as this causes frostbite which may be nasty sometimes also don’t apply heat packs for a long time as I have seen burn injury in some patients especially diabetics as their skin will be less sensitive to heat.

Advise not more than 20 minutes of application to one area let’s move on and come to a tip.

Stop smoking

number eight is very important to stop smoking yes you heard it right if you think smoking only causes lung cancer you are wrong smoking causes a dozen of health conditions including spine disease which causes premature backbone aging disc prolapse.

Spinal arthritis kicking that butt can definitely slow down your spine disease so start taking steps to stop smoking in the next six months watch my video on how smoking causes back pain and how to get out of this problem let’s go-to tip.

Drink a lot of water

number nine drink a lot of water and liquids drinking enough water ensures adequate hydration of your discs and keeps them in good shape dehydration causes.

Disc to dry and the dried disc becomes loose and starts to bulge out causing back pain especially if you work in air-conditioned rooms I advise my patients to consume two liters of fluids in water per day be it water juice or tend to coconut water consult your physician if you have heart or kidney ailments before consuming this additional water let’s go-to tip.

Avoid junk foods

Number 10 avoid junk foods junk food consumption leads to the build-up of carbohydrates in the bloodstream which if in excess of what your body needs are converted into triglycerides a type of fat which is deposited in your fat cells these sugars and triglycerides cause a lot of inflammation in the body including your spinal joints leading to spinal arthritis and back pain.

Avoid those sugary drinks and fried foods and consume healthy vegetables lean meat and fruits and beat the inflammation with that friends.

Back Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches
Back Pain Relief Exercises

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you some stretches and exercises to relieve back pain. Let’s get started. So these stretches and exercises are just for general back pain. If you’ve got some soreness in your back or it’s aching a little bit, maybe you pulled a muscle, but not a specific diagnosis. These are just the common aches and pains that you might have. So let’s start off.

Back Prop up your knees and you’re going to start off with a pelvic tilt. So a pelvic tilt is just kind of how it sounds, you’re taking your pelvis and tilting it back or rotating it back. So you’re flattening out your back. Imagine that your hands are in that curve, or you can actually put them there, and then you’re pushing down into your hands trying to push them into the floor. So it’s just that rotation or that tilt of your pelvis. So when you tilt back.

You’re going to hold it for about three to five seconds and then relax. To start off with, doing about 10 of those or just holding it keeping those muscles those core muscles nice and tight and relaxing. After you do those, then you’re going to go into a bridge, just to really get that back loosened up, get those tight muscles out of there. So with the bridge, you’re just going to lift your hips up until about a straight line and then slowly come back down one segment.

So you’re not just popping back down, you’re going nice and controlled. So slow controlled movement, again just start off with about 10 of these and then you can work your way up to more. But this is really just getting everything loosened up, getting that tightness and soreness out of there, just helping the healing process to relieve the pain. Now you’re going to do a knee-to-chest stretch.

Any problems going on top that’s a lot of pressure on there, so just grab underneath and pull your knee up towards your chest as far as you comfortably can and hold that for about 30 seconds. So you’re pulling it, you’re not actually actively moving it up, so just hold that stretch 30 seconds then come back down. Alternate the other side, hold that for 30 seconds as well, and then you’re going to do three on each side total.

After you do those, then you’re going to do a double knee to chest. So now you’re just taking both and pulling up at the same time. Again some people like to go up on top kind of grab around like this, if you have any problems you might not want to do that, and you might just want to grab underneath, so whichever way is more comfortable, but again holding that for 30 seconds and doing three of those, nice and relaxed, feel that stretch. A lot of times you should feel that stretch kind of underneath that low back area right there.

After you do three of those, now you’re going to a trunk rotation. Again just to kind of loosen that spine a little bit and help everything relax and get that soreness out of there. So just both legs together trying to keep the top part of your body on the ground, and just rotate over as far as you comfortably can, hold that for about three to five seconds, and then rotate back the other way. So again to comfort not to pain, and then do five on each side just kind of rotating back and forth.

After you get those done, then you’re going to turn over and kind of get back on your feet here, or however far back you comfortably can, and then you’re going to put your arms out in front of you going into a prayer stretch as far as you comfortably can, and then bring your head down and just trying to stretch everything as far forward as you can, and again holding that stretch for about 30 seconds.

feeling a nice stretch in that back, coming up, and then stretching all the way back down. And then the last stretch exercise you’re going to do is kind of a yoga vinyasa move. So you’re going to come into the plank position here. You’re going to go down and then come up into your upward dog, hold that stretch for about three to five seconds, and then push back up pushing your heels down coming into the downward dog, and then holding that for about three to five seconds.

You can go through that same motion about three to five times. So there you have it, those are stretches and exercises to help relieve just general back pain. No specific diagnosis. Just if you have a tweaking in your back, or you picked up your dog trying to put it in the bathtub to wash them, and you got some soreness back there, hopefully, that’ll help relieve everything. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.

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