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Hi, There are two types of bacteria in our bodies: good and bad. PROBIOTIC is a very beneficial bacteria that helps the body stay healthy and perform very well. PROBIOTIC helps to improve digestion and fight harmful bacteria; it would help build up immunity and control inflammation, and many more other benefits Understand that having this PROBIOTIC would help regain lost good bacteria, actually, there are many different forms of bacteria, which could be classified as under PROBIOTIC. What is health equity? 5 best reason why does it matter

But there are two types of bacteria, that are commonly available, those are LACTOBACILLUS and BIFIDOBACTERIUM bacteria PROBIOTIC are also made from good yeast SACCHAROMYCES BOULADII is the most common form of yeast, found in PROBIOTIC So today we will discuss top PROBIOTIC FOOD which would help regain back good bacteria GREEN OLIVES

Green Olives

Olives are delicious, and filled packed with nutrition. Olives are placed in brine – MIXTURE OF SALT AND WATER for a specific number of days, this removes the bitterness and ensures the safety of consumption. The LACTOBACILLUS bacteria caused them to ferment; it is a good bacteria, which improves your overall health.

OLIVES are also ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ANTIMICROBIAL and ANTIOXIDANT. Olives are easily available in-store. So that you can make a mid-meal snack, add them to your salad to increase its nutrients


KEFIR is a fermented berry drink, and it is high in healthy PROBIOTIC and has a great therapeutic value. It is prepared by mixing Kefir grains or granules with cow or goat milk. Kefir drink is 99% lacto-sweet.

Kefir heals the cells of the entire body and it really boosts our internal immunity. Thus preventing us from contacting seasonal or other problems. Kefir also aids in detoxification.

It is a great source of MAGNESIUM, PHOSPHORUS, VITAMIN K2, FOLATES, THIAMIN, VITAMIN B12, and other B Vitamins.


CURDS OR Dahi which are widely available and very cost-effective could be consumed very easily.

Curds a PROBIOTIC because they contain those bacteria that are very healthy for your guts. Daily consumption of curds provides a very good amount of Calcium and Vitamin D in your body. Both Calcium and Vitamin D are needed for your bone health.

Stronger bones can minimize the incidence of ARTHRITIS, OSTEOPOROSIS and RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. A daily cup of Curds provides you the required amount CALCIUM, PROTEIN, ZINC, and VITAMIN B. This also keeps your skin toned and smooth.

So have a bowl of Curds every day during lunchtime or at times have Curd Rice or Curd Roti for lunch. This is a very simple and tasty food. This will help you to overcome your weak digestion.

One thing you should remember avoid Curds At night, sometimes it increases the cold and cough symptoms in your body.

The best probiotic food is BUTTERMILK

Chass or BUTTERMILK is an excellent PROBIOTIC food, which can be made at home very easily.

BUTTERMILK is an excellent alternative for CALCIUM, especially for those who have LACTOSE INTOLERANT and cannot have milk. BUTTERMILK possesses ANTIVIRAL, ANTIBACTERICAL, and ANTI CANCER PROPERTIES BUTTERMILK can also help decrease Cholesterol During summer drinking a glass of BUTTERMILK, can prevent dehydration, because it contains electrolytes, such as Potassium, Calcium, traces of Phosphorous, and water. Buttermilk can help release acidity problems.

BUTTERMILK can be made either by churning by hand or putting in the blender. Take one and half cups of curds, one teaspoon of roasted ground cumin, one tablespoon of chopped coriander or mint leaves, and one and half teaspoons full of pink salt, which is also called Sendha Namak or Himalayan Rock salt put all this in a large bowl or a mixture, churn it well By mixing water according to your taste and enjoy any time during a hot afternoon or at the time of your lunch. According to us, BUTTERMILK should be taken every day at the time of lunch.

The drink you should be taking is Buttermilk. Do not keep a glass of water on your dining table, but keep a big glass of buttermilk on your dining table and drink along with your meal. So, keep in mind that the following are some of the best probiotic foods.

And these are readily available and could be very easily prepared at home. Make sure to incorporate them into your daily diet to improve health. Remember for good health you need to have a variety of other things too.

Must eat sufficient fruits and vegetables

you must have something – which you sprout, whole grain, meals to be regularly taken, so your diet has to be a holistic diet, a wholesome diet.

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