11 best plants to reduce air pollution.

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The role of indoor plants cannot be overlooked to enhance the beauty of the house. How to plant indoor plants, which keep the air of the house fresh.

If you are told that hazardous gas ammonia from your toilet, formaldehyde from the dustbin, carbon monoxide from a gas stove, benzene from detergent, Xylene from the cleaner that cleans the ground, chemicals such as trichloroethene from paint made from the house can be produced in the house If we spoil the climate of the house, probably not sure.

If someone in the house constantly complains of sneezing, cough, allergies, eye irritation, then the chemicals floating in the home environment are responsible for it. Many times there are indoor plants from which the freshness of the house can be maintained.

Sharp Snake

The edges of the leaves of the snake plant are sharpened, hence it is also called Mother in Law Tongue.

It thrives faster in places with humidity and less sunlight, so it can also be placed around the bathroom.

This Sharp Snake has the formaldehyde present in the air of the house, has the ability to eliminate the element, its average value is ₹ 300.


Bamboo Palm

The height of the Bamboo Palm can be from 0.5 to 3 feet. It eliminates the chemical elements present in the paint in the furniture. Its leaves formaldehyde, as well as trichloroethylene, imparts an average price of ₹ 300.


Chinese Evergreen

This is called Aglonnema. This plant may be growing at a slow pace but it has an amazing ability to soothe harmful elements. The price of this Chinese Evergreen can be up to a thousand rupees.


Peace Lily

According to research by NASA, this remains free from chemical elements such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. It needs less light and watering once a week is enough. It works to clean the air. Its required price is ₹ 150.



The specialty of the leaves of this plant is that it controls the elements floating in the air of allergy. Formaldehyde and carbon monoxide are also absorbed. Its biggest feature is not to let the atmosphere get contaminated. The average price of this Peace Lily is ₹ 60.

spider lily


It is an indoor plant in which flowers grow. This kills the trichloroethane chemical by soaking it in the air. It is spread by cleaners and powders used during washing and cleaning. It thrives in place of rinsing the cloth and its average price is ₹ 99.


Hygienic aloe vera

This Hygienic aloe vera easily eradicates the effects of chemicals. It is beneficial for the skin, its gel intake is very beneficial. It is very easy to put in the pot, it comes from filling a piece of in the pot.


Weeping Fig

If this plant is planted, then it lasts for many days. It destroys the polluting elements sitting in carpets, furniture, and curtains. Its price is around ₹ 450.

English Ivy

This plant prevents the excreta that grows in the toothbrush from spreading. It should be placed around the bathroom. It also does not allow chemical formaldehyde from the cleaning products to grow. You can buy an English ivy plant from a good nursery for ₹ 250.


Areca palm

The length of this plant is 3 to 5 feet. It requires less water and the sunlight coming from the window is enough for this. It filters and cleanses the air containing xylene and toluene chemical. It also removes moisture. Its value is at least ₹ 500.


money plant

The money plant keeps the air of the house very clean. The side effects of chemicals in the air that it keeps under control. Maybe that’s why it’s also called Devils IV. The form does not allow the side effects of aldehyde chemicals to spread. It thrives well in moisture and can be kept on the window. Its average price is ₹ 100 to ₹ 500.
If there is space around the house, trees with broad leaves should be planted in addition to indoor plants. Jamun, Amalatas, Dhaka, Semal, Bel, Lasorda, Peepal, Banyan, Kadamb, Chilbil, Tikasal, Harada – Behera, and Ritha. Similarly, the rubber tree at home. Its leaves retain the freshness of the house.

They eliminate bacteria by dissolving chemicals in the air. It has a big role in making the air of the house pure. Its average price is 100 to ₹ 180.

money plant